The Souda Shelter Project

The Souda Shelter Project

The Souda Shelter Project - Kynonia

The Souda Shelter Project is a project dear to my heart. It began as a shelter space abandoned by its previous owner with a LOT of dogs inside and dreadful conditions. After our taking it over in 2016, it has become one of the most talked about shelters in Greece and in Europe.

The Souda Shelter Project works in cooperation with NSA Souda Bay Naval Installation of the USA. The military base supports the project all year round with volunteers. They use the facilities as place of recreation and relaxation.

The Souda Shelter Project is in cooperation with KIFAAMEA Daycare Center, Chania.

The Souda Shelter Project has been adopted by the Greek American Foundation and will be one of their charities.

The Souda Shelter Project is one of the first shelters in Greece to welcome public and private school elementary and junior high school students. The public elementary schools of Chania, approved by the Board of Education, visit the shelter and have an educational briefing.

All year long the Souda Shelter Project welcomes almost 500 visitors and volunteers from all around the world. The Souda Shelter Project has been the subject of various television shows and documentaries both locally and internationally.

From 2016 till today the Souda Shelter Project has successfully rehomed hundreds of animals both locally and abroad. It has helped thousands of animals in need.


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