KYN-onia, The Conscious Community - Logo

KYN-onia, The Conscious Community, originated in 2015-16 when an immediate need for a non-profit organization was necessary to legally take on the challenge of the Souda Shelter Project. The Souda Shelter was a space which housed 253 canines.  On June 1st of 2016, the owner and well know rescuer abandoned all responsibilities of the shelter.

When evaluating the scope of the organization, I did not want to limit myself to animal welfare.  As we all know, the human who is sensitive to animal causes in most cases is sensitive to the problems his/her fellow human experience.  Also, when we are involved in helping the stray animals in the community, we in turn are indirectly helping the community.  That is how the title Philanthropic, Animal Welfare and Cultural Association, KYN-onia was born as a communal organization without forgetting the cause for its existence, the canines.

KYN-onia is involved in many projects: 

The Souda Shelter Project

The KIFAAMEA Project

The Tweens and Teens Project

The Full Truck Project

The Senior Project

The Free Wheels Project