The KIFAAMEA Project

The KIFAAMEA Project

The KIFAAMEA Project - Kynonia

KIFAAMEA Daycare Center was one of the very first daycare centers for highly autistic and disabled children in Greece.  Can you imagine that when they were filing for a license to open back then, the government did not know what license to give them.  It was formed and is still run by the parents of the children who attend.

KYN-onia’s soft spot lies with KIFAAMEA.
Whatever we can offer this little house of love, we do. 
From holiday presents (Easter, Christmas), to speaking with other organizations to help better the operations of this beautiful establishment.  KYN-onia just last year brought together the Hellenic Navy and KIFAAMEA on improving the daycare’s parking lot and playground.  After a meeting with the Chief Commanding Officer of the Navy Base, both KYN-onia and the Hellenic Navy agreed to the Navy bringing in its people and laying down new cement in both areas of the school.

KYN-onia also has a weekly program with the daycare (on hold now due to Covid-19).
Trained shelter therapy dogs, along with a dog behaviorist and our caretakers visit the daycare center weekly to entertain and acclimate the children with the animals.
We hope to resume this program soon which was highly beneficial to the children.

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